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Over 200 Diabetic Patients Receive Free Care from Simi Valley Diabetes Clinic

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Over 200 Diabetic Patients Receive Free Care from Simi Valley Diabetes Clinic
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The Regal Medical Group (RMG) announced that it has helped more than 200 patients suffering from diabetes by offering them comprehensive and individualized treatment.

Simi Valley Diabetes Clinic, a free clinic, helped 200 patients get personalized support and care so their condition could be better treated and managed. A 90 percent success rate was achieved, with patients kept out of the hospital longer, and some discharged early from the support program. The clinic opened 2 days per week, and all RMG members were received through appointments and based on referrals.

When patients are received for the first time, visits usually include 1) medication reconciliation, 2) physician meeting, and 3) health educator/dietitian conversation. The medication reconciliation includes a meeting with a pharmacist, Grace Cheng, who makes sure the patient is taking the appropriate medication, taking into account all the relevant facts about the patient and his or her individual characteristics. The physician meeting involves a consultation with a doctor specialized in diabetes, Danielle Basurco, so a comprehensive and detailed care plan is established. Finally, the health educator/dietitian conversation with Nora Hayes is important so that patients can get information about food, exercise and diet.

“By having constant contact with the patients and spending quality time with them, we are really able to help make a marked difference in their disease. Many of the patients we see are insulin-dependent and high risk, so it’s important to help get their diabetes under control. We add an additional level to the treatment they are getting from their regular doctor,” said Dr. Basurco in a press release.

“I’m very pleased with the positive results achieved between patients and care givers at the Simi Valley Diabetes Clinic. This fits with our overall goal of providing quality, cost effective healthcare for all our members,” said Dr. Richard Merkin, CEO of RMG. Thanks to this program, patients are aware of how their diseases affect their general health condition and it results in improved health.

Anita Zimmerman, manager at RMG, added: “Once they start doing better and have a greater understanding of their total condition, we will have them in less frequently. Having all of the outside resources that the clinic offers provides additional tools to patients – allowing them to take control of their own health.”

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