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Profil Institute Closes Nearly 200 Clinical Trials on Diabetes and Obesity

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Profil Institute Closes Nearly 200 Clinical Trials on Diabetes and Obesity
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shutterstock_94154512The early phase clinical research organization Profil Institute for Clinical Research announced the completion of more than 200 phase I to IIa clinical trials focused on diabetes and obesity, with the purpose of assessing significant drugs for the treatment of both type 1 and 2 diabetes.

“The sense of urgency related to the diabetes epidemic is increasing with the rapid global rise of diabetes,” explained Profil Institute CEO Dr. Marcus Hompesch. “We’ve contributed important research to many current therapies providing exciting new treatment options for patients, but we have to continue to outpace ourselves to make an impact on diabetes worldwide.  We a have long, yet promising, path of opportunities in metabolic research as we turn our attention to biomarker discovery to predict and support the treatment of cardiometabolic diseases, as well as looking at novel combination therapies using existing drugs.”

From the nearly 200 clinical trials performed, 45 percent of them included participants with type 2 diabetes, 20 percent were patients with type 1 diabetes, 20 percent were healthy study participants, and 15 percent represented specialized populations, which means participants with cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, or insulin resistance.

“The significance of this vast amount of research is what it represents for the public domain,” said Dan Bradbury, the former Amylin Pharmaceutical CEO, managing member of BioBrit, LLC, and member of Profil Institute’s Board of Directors.  “Science driven results, as well as advances in clinical research methodologies by Profil Institute have contributed substantially to our understanding of new treatment opportunities and of how early phase clinical research in diabetes and obesity can be conducted in the most meaningful and efficient way.  As a result, we’ve seen significant progress toward better treatments for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.”

The Profil Institute decided to focus on diabetes, obesity, and cardiometabolic clinical research more than a decade ago “because, as a group of scientists, that was at the center of our research and was where we hoped to make the most significant impact on science and patient care,” added Hompesch.  The CEO also stated that the institute was pleased that they have built the “teams, infrastructure, technology and expertise that have allowed us to accumulate the knowledge and experience to benefit diabetes research as a whole,” through their commitment to science, clinical research, and drug development.

The Profil Institute is the only American clinical research organization to focus its therapeutic and scientific efforts exclusively on novel diabetes and obesity clinical research and development. It has already invested in early phase clinical studies including all clinical significant drug class, as well as nearly all modes of administration and blood glucose monitoring devices.

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