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American Diabetes Association Sets 2015 Legislative and Regulatory Priorities

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American Diabetes Association Sets 2015 Legislative and Regulatory Priorities
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american diabetes associationThe American Diabetes Association recently released its annual leading priorities on federal and state legislation, and regulatory issues for 2015. For the following year, the main focus will be on targeting issues that impede current efforts within the campaign Stop Diabetes. Terminating health disparities will also be one of the Association’s 2015 priorities.

The Association has been committed to improve legislation and regulation, as part of its mission to improve the lives of about 30 million diabetics and 86 million prediabetics, in the United States. Expanding funding for research; improving access to health insurance, prevention and treatment methods; and reducing discrimination and health disparities are some of the areas it plans to bolster for 2015.

“The American Diabetes Association’s legislative and regulatory priorities are part of the Association’s ongoing commitment to fight for the millions of Americans who are affected by diabetes,” said the Chair of the National Advocacy Committee at the American Diabetes Association, Gina Gavlak, RN. “For 2015, these priorities will serve as our guide as we work with Congress and state legislators to ensure the needs of people with, and at risk for, diabetes remains a top focus for all legislators across the country.”

Regarding federal priorities for 2015, the Association is considering boosting funds granted to research programs, and mentioned the following collaborators in their mission: the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, at the National Institutes of Health (NIH); the Division of Diabetes Translation at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; as well as the Special Diabetes Program and National Diabetes Prevention Program at the Department of Defense and the Veterans Health Administration.

The association also believes both public and private health insurance alternatives should be ensured, including those under the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Children’s Health Insurance Program, and Medicaid. They are also advocating the prioritization of preventive measures against type 1 and 2 prediabetes, and of revisiting laws and policies to ensure fair treatment across all demographics and settings. Additionally, diabetics will be provided better education and training for the improvement of disease management and self-monitoring, and federal relations among concerned agencies will be strengthened.

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