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Independence Blue Cross and CareCam Offers App To Manage Diabetes and Asthma

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Independence Blue Cross and CareCam Offers App To Manage Diabetes and Asthma
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shutterstock_230289250Pennsylvania-based Independence Blue Cross recently announced it has begun offering the CareCam Health Systems’ (CareCam) chronic condition self-management app to patients to better help them proactively manage their health. The organization is offering the easy to use app for mobile phones and tablets for free to adult members suffering from diabetes or asthma.

Members need to complete a short health survey after registration and then CareCam delivers a personalized daily schedule of healthcare habits and activities designed to suit each individual’s lifestyle so they can successfully comply with their treatment plan.

“At Independence, we are deeply committed to creating innovative ways to further improve the health of our members, which is why we’ve invested in CareCam. From partnering with nationally known innovators, to working with new startups, we are always looking for ways to support innovations that help our members better and more easily manage their health,”  said Daniel Hilferty, CEO and president of Independence.

CareCam offers the possibility of users inviting family members, friends and caregivers to follow their progress through the app so they can be engaged in the process and patients can receive their support and encouragement to improve their chances of success.

The app reminds patients daily to complete their activities such as measuring their sugar levels, taking prescribed drugs and exercising. Real-time and personalized feedback on how they’re doing is also provided and detailed summaries can be instantaneously shared with their doctors, to be used during their next visits.

“CareCam focuses on engaging patients in the management of their own health, which is a critical missing link for successful, scalable, and cost-effective chronic care management. We capitalize on the power of mobile technology to engage and empower people with chronic conditions, providing them with a convenient, 24/7 resource for support in managing their care,” said Hal Rosenbluth, CareCam’s Chairman and CEO.

The app offers access to a complete library of information, complete with videos explaining relevant facts about their conditions. The app is available in the Apple app store and in the Google Play Store.

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