A Day In The Life With Type 1 Diabetes: Devin’s Experience

Devin is a student with Type 1 Diabetes living in Oxford, Ohio. She created this video explaining what it’s like to be her for a day. This is her routine:


  • Checks blood sugar
  • Calculates how much insuline her body needs
  • Pumps insuline and goes to work


  • At the end of her shift she feels shaky, sweaty and spacey
  • Checks her blood sugar and it’s low
  • Gets some juice to increase her sugar levels and studies


  • Checks blood sugar
  • Checks insuline on her pump
  • Refills her pump and changes her needle and tube


  • Dinner with her boyfriend at a buffet
  • Calculates how much insuline she needs to pump so she can eat whatever she wants – even sugar


  • Calls her mom and does her homework


  • Before going to bed she checks her blood sugar

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