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Diabetes Monitoring System Using a Phone App Approved by FDA

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Diabetes Monitoring System Using a Phone App Approved by FDA
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Philosys, a company developing medical, analytical and diagnostic instruments, recently announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its Gmate SMART Blood Glucose Monitoring System and App for Android. The system was approved for use in Apple products in 2014.

Blood glucose (sugar) monitoring is the main strategy to control diabetes, and keeping a record of the glucose results is important to evaluate, together with healthcare providers, the patient’s response to a diabetes care plan.

The Gmate SMART Meter, together with the related app, is designed to turn a smartphone into a mobile blood glucose monitoring tool. Gmate SMART is a small (the size of a quarter), portable meter to determine blood glucose levels, which can be easily connected to a smartphone through the headphone jack, providing fast and reliable results. The technology also allows the user to set goals, create graphs of the disease course, and to send a text or email of blood glucose test results directly to a clinician or caregiver.

The Gmate SMART app can store an unlimited number of test results organized by date and time, and users can add notes or comments to each test result.

“As cloud technology grows, Philosys is working to create an App-to-Cloud secure connection in the next generation of updates,” said Mike Tickle, senior vice president of Sales at Philosys, in a news release. The company’s goal is to improve the communication and notification system between patients and their healthcare providers.

Philosys’ Gmate SMART approval represents an important achievement for the company and its Gmate mHealth (mobile health) technology-based approach. The company believes its technology offers a smarter and faster method to manage and improve diabetes care. The Gmate SMART App is available for free download for both Android (via Google Play) and iOS (via App Store) users.

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