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Online Doctor Visits May Make Diabetes Care a Bit Easier

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Online Doctor Visits May Make Diabetes Care a Bit Easier
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The online telehealth system is about to be extended to more doctors wanting to provide healthcare beyond their offices through a partnership between the mobile app maker American Well and Doximitythe largest professional network for physicians.

American Well is bringing its telehealth app, Amwell, to more than 500,000 doctors registered with Doximity, allowing them to connect with patients across the U.S. through any mobile device. This news can be especially useful for diabetic patients, offering them easy and regular access to healthcare services without having to struggle to physically get to a medical center.

Telehealth technology is growing in the U.S., and physicians’ interest is following this trend. Statistics show that 64% of the patients would like to have a doctor appointment via video, and 57% of physicians find video visits with patients appealing both for the flexibility it allows and the opportunities it presents — doctors can combine online and in-office practice to increase their productivity. By joining the Amwell app with Doximity’s network, American Well is making it easier for more physicians to become part of this telehealth initiative.

“Physicians appreciate the [American Well’s] advanced video technology, which allows them to interact with patients in a way that maintains the personal feel of an in-office visit,” said Joel Davis, vice president, Hiring Solutions at Doximity, in a press release.

American Well uses the Online Care Group, the first national telehealth medical network, as an intermediate to employ or contract physicians. The Online Care Group is a network of more than 600 board-certified doctors with multiple specialties, operating in 48 states.

“Our doctors are energetic, passionate, and innovative in their approach to care. While they may differ in terms of age, gender, and area of specialty, they all share a deep desire to deliver high-quality medical care to their patients — wherever those patients may be,” said Dr. Peter Antall, chief medical officer of American Well and president of the Online Care Group. “It has been hugely beneficial partnering with a brand leader like Doximity to help recruit physicians from all over the country and educate them on the value of telehealth — for both physicians and their patients.”

American Well says in its press release that its goal is to make online doctor visits accessible to all whether for temporary care issues like colds or infections, or for chronic condition management, such as diabetes. Patients using the Amwell app can connect to a board-certified doctor of their choosing in minutes, with the visit being conducted over smartphone, tablet, kiosk, phone, or desktop.

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