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Contour Systems, a Way for Diabetics to Monitor Their Glucose Levels, Soon Available in Europe

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Contour Systems, a Way for Diabetics to Monitor Their Glucose Levels, Soon Available in Europe
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Ascensia Diabetes Care announced that its self-monitoring blood glucose systems for diabetes patients, CONTOUR NEXT ONE and CONTOUR PLUS ONE, have received the CE mark, meaning that the product has met the European Union’s safety, health, and environmental protection requirements, and will soon be available for use in Europe.

Contour systems are designed to allow patients to self-assess their glucose levels, which are then connected to a mobile app for storage and analyses, to help people better understand how their daily activities influence their blood glucose and health status.

The systems include a wireless-enabled blood glucose smart meter that transmits blood glucose data to a smart mobile device via Bluetooth connectivity. The information is sent to the Contour Diabetes App, which collects and stores registered glucose levels, which can then be analyzed for patterns and trends. The systems have been shown to be highly accurate measurement devices, exceeding international requirements for in vitro diagnostic test systems (ISO 15197:2013) in both the laboratory and clinical settings.

“We believe that the CONTOUR™ NEXT ONE and CONTOUR™ PLUS ONE blood glucose monitoring systems can be a significant advance for people with diabetes. These systems combine the remarkable accuracy of our CONTOUR™ NEXT and CONTOUR™ PLUS meter platforms with the easy-to-use features of the CONTOUR™ Diabetes App, to provide insights that help patients to better manage their condition. These systems enable people with diabetes to learn more about their condition and make the appropriate management decisions,” Michael Kloss, CEO of Ascensia Diabetes Care, said in a press release.

The company intends to launch both meters and the mobile app in two European markets and, later this year, elsewhere in Europe. Contour Next One and Contour Plus One will be marketed in countries where the corresponding test strips are already available. The Contour Diabetes App can be downloaded through the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

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