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Cornerstones4Care Relaunches With New, Customized Diabetes Patient Support Program

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Cornerstones4Care Relaunches With New, Customized Diabetes Patient Support Program
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Novo Nordisk, a leader diabetes care, announced the relaunch of Cornerstones4Care®, an award-winning online platform to support patients living with diabetes. The platform has been enhanced to customize patients’ experience with educational resources on the site that suit each phase of their disease, emphasizing the four diabetic patients’ golden rules (cornerstones): healthy diet, keeping active, medicine, and tracking.

The platform has a new unique resource, the Diabetes Health Coach, an individualized action plan that bases itself on a personal health assessment and that aims to help patients build healthier habits and skills so they can better deal with their disease. Through Diabetes Health Coach, patients receive adapted 12-week plans to change their behavior and with management tools that, according to a company press release include, “Trackers to help patients monitor their diabetes management progress, reminders to help them stay on track, disease education resources such as fact sheets and e-books, diabetes-friendly recipes, everyday diabetes management tips and prescription savings offers for eligible patients.”

Joy Pape, a Clinical Nurse Practitioner and Certified Diabetes Educator at Weill Cornell Medical College explained: “Incorporating better diabetes management into a daily routine can be hard to do, given that it often requires changes to diet and physical activity, checking glucose (sugar) levels, and medication. To make these changes, people living with diabetes need tools and resources that fit into their everyday lives and show them how to stay on track (…) Cornerstones4Care® and the new Diabetes Health Coach provide people with the information and tools needed to enable positive steps towards achieving diabetes management goals.”

Cornerstones4Care® reunites educational content in video formats featuring experts in health care, sociologists, chefs and advocate Michael Stevens, widely known on YouTube, to help people understand diabetes and its daily management. The enhanced platform now has a Spanish language version and allows for a better user experience on multiple devices.

“With Cornerstones4Care®, we have always strived to provide custom support for diabetes patients. The enhanced website provides a new level of personalization, along with comprehensive information that we hope patients and their care teams will use between office visits to achieve better diabetes care results,” concludes Christine Sakdalan, vice president, Patient Centric Strategy and Solutions, Novo Nordisk. 

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