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Food Bank Network Indicates At Least One Family Member Living With Diabetes Among Served Families

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Food Bank Network Indicates At Least One Family Member Living With Diabetes Among Served Families
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Recent data indicates that about 79 percent of households buy less healthy food as a strategy for stretching household budgets and having enough food for all family members, and that a third of those served by food banks have at least one member living with diabetesFeeding America, the nation’s largest organization focused on hunger-relief, believes that there is a correlation between these two statistics.

Maintaining a nutritious and balanced diet is not easy for most Americans, especially for the 49 million people in the United States that struggle with hunger and barriers to healthy eating. These issues contribute to the increase in diabetes prevalence, as dietary choices — particularly foods high in sugar — contribute to the epidemic.

Hunger in America 2014  is a report published by Feeding America that includes data revealing that a third of households served by the food bank network have a minimum of one member living with diabetes, and almost 60 percent of households have someone diagnosed with hypertension. For many people, this decision is not a result of lacking knowledge of which specific foods to choose, but of not being able to afford healthy food or having access to better food choices. Feeding America believes that families should not have to make these tradeoffs, especially considering that they are contributing to serious health issues like diabetes.

For National Nutrition Month®  in March, Feeding America is helping to boost awareness regarding the nation’s hunger issues and lack of access to proper nutrition.

“Feeding America’s research findings elucidate how important it is that everyone has access to a healthy diet. This is why we work so diligently with our network of food banks to provide our clients with healthy food, such as nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables and protein. Last year we sourced one billion pounds of fresh produce, and we expect to surpass that record this year. Additionally, many of the food banks in our network offer nutrition education to empower and equip families to take their nutrition and health into their own hands,” said Bob Aiken, Feeding America’s CEO.

Notes About Feeding America

Feeding America is a network of 200 food banks that are committed to leading the battle against hunger within the United States. Feeding America provides food to more than 46 million people across 60,000 meal programs and food pantries in communities across America.

In other developments in diabetes, according to a recent study, patients with type 2 diabetes who eat a high-calorie breakfast and a low-calorie dinner have superior blood sugar control compared to those who eat inversely. The researchers suggest correcting diet routines could help optimize metabolic regulation and avert complications in people with type 2 diabetes. The study is published in the journal Diabetologia.


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