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Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetics Using V-Go Insulin Delivery Device Possible

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Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetics Using V-Go Insulin Delivery Device Possible
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Valeritas, Inc., a company focused on the development of technologies for patients with type 2 diabetes, has released positive results of a new evaluation of its insulin delivery device, the V-Go®. The article documenting the analysis is entitled “Use of V-Go® Insulin Delivery Device in Patients with Sub-optimally Controlled Diabetes Mellitus: A Retrospective Analysis from a Large Specialized Diabetes System” and was recently published in the journal Diabetes Therapy.

The V-Go® Disposable Insulin Delivery Device is designed to improve the glycemic control in type 2 diabetes adult patients, a common problem in this patient population. The wearable device works through the continuous delivery of insulin, a process that aims to mimic the body’s physiological mechanism. The system has been shown in previous studies to improve and stabilize glycemia blood values.

In order to further evaluate the effect of V-Go, a research team led by Dr. Rosemarie Lajara, endocrinologist at Diabetes Centers of America, assessed 204 records of patients with poorly controlled diabetes who had switched to this device. The sub-set of parameters evaluated included insulin prescription dose, changes in blood glucose control, hypoglycemia before and after starting the use of the V-Go device, and body weight.

The collected data demonstrated that there was a significant decrease in A1C after the beginning of V-Go use in all the patient groups evaluated. A1C is a test of blood glucose levels that measures the change from baseline values. These levels were measured at 14 weeks and 27 weeks, and the observed reduced values were -1.53% and -1.79%, respectively. Moreover, differences in the frequency of reported hypoglycemia were not observed between V-Go and other therapies.

“Previous studies have reported that patients using the V-Go® Disposable Insulin Delivery device experience improved glycemic control with favorable patient acceptance. We aimed to explore these earlier findings by evaluating patient outcomes in our diabetes centers, located across Texas,” Dr. Lajara said in a press release concerning V-Go’s performance evaluation. “The study results show that V-Go is safe and effective in patients with sub-optimally controlled diabetes requiring insulin therapy. Glycemic control improved significantly, less insulin was required, and hypoglycemic events were similar after patients switched to insulin delivery by V-Go®.” 

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